I have been using the Diamond shape quite frequently in my Beat covers, so it was only right to have a design for it too. I also have a deep love for the Matrix series and I had to combine the two styles.


Let me level with you guys here, the quality on these shirts are actually really good, so I think it's worth getting one right now. It's like a soft cotton, they feel great man.

Plus! You can add a custom name to all of these variants on the front for FREE! Yes you heard that right. For free.

Also the T-Shirts are bit longer than the template shows, it was really hard finding the proper T shirt length, as all my shirts are Long Tee's with a curved hem for maximum comfort. (No More will your belly show when you lift your arms!!)


I handmake these myself so everytime you order you will have an unique shirt that no one else has!!


So, why haven't you copped one yet?





Simiux Diamond Matrix - Long Tee Curved Hem

CHF 30.00Price
  • Please wash inside out - Preferably handwash or 30 Degrees Celsius(lowest temperature setting in your washing Machine)


    We are not responsible for fading due to incorrect washing. There are no returns or exchanges if the T-shirt fades

  • All Sales are final.